Unveiling the Mystery: Potty Shot Gender Prediction Explained (and How to Get Yours!)

The anticipation during pregnancy is thrilling! One of the biggest questions parents-to-be often have is: boy or girl? While you might have to wait a bit for the official reveal, there are some fun ways to peek into the future – and the potty shot is one of them!

Potty Shot gender prediction

What Exactly is a Potty Shot?

Imagine your little one giving you a cheeky moon during an ultrasound. That’s essentially a potty shot! It’s an ultrasound image that captures the baby’s genital area, offering a glimpse of potential clues about the gender.

Decoding the Potty Shot:

  • The Hamburger Theory: If you see three distinct lines, it might resemble a hamburger patty (buns on top and bottom with a line in the middle). Traditionally, this has been associated with a girl (representing the clitoris and labia).
  • The Turtle Theory: Spot a prominent bump or a “turtle shell” shape? This could indicate a boy (suggesting the scrotum and penis).

For a More Reliable Peek:

Ultrasound technicians can utilize advanced techniques like the nub theory (analyzing the angle of the genital tubercle) for a more accurate prediction, typically after 12-14 weeks.

Get Your Professional Gender Prediction (Ramzi, Nub, or Potty Shot!)

We understand the excitement of wanting to know! Here at genderuncover.com, we offer professional gender prediction services, including Ramzi Method, Nub Theory analysis, and Potty Shot interpretation, all conducted by experienced ultrasound technicians. Schedule your appointment today and get one step closer to welcoming your little one!

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